Last PAC-12 game for the Utes

The Utes faced a tough defeat in Arizona, but amidst the challenges, there's a silver lining: Cam Rising declares his commitment for another year. Join Cameron, Ryan, and Scott as they analyze the game, discuss Rising's decision, and preview the upcoming matchup against the Buffs.

Utes fall short after halftime

The Utes begin the game strongly against the Huskies but come up short after halftime. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott analyze what went well and what went wrong for the Utes. They delve into the current competition for the PAC-12 championship game, acknowledging that Utah is all but officially out. The guys also discuss coaching rumors before concluding their discussion as the Utes prepare to face the Wildcats.

Utes lay the smackdown

The Utes delivered a dominating performance, asserting their authority and securing a significant victory over the Sun Devils. In this thrilling showdown, the Utes left no room for doubt, leaving their mark on the field. Let's delve into the game and the reactions of key individuals. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott offer their insights on the game. Then, the boys are joined by BT from The Dawg Pod to provide a unique perspective on the upcoming matchup as Utah prepares to travel to Seattle for another crucial PAC-12 road game.

Utes take a beating

In a brutal showdown against the Ducks, Utah found themselves absorbing punch after punch without delivering any of their own, leading to a devastating defeat. Join Cameron, Ryan, and Scott as they delve into the team's challenges and discuss the Utes' determined efforts to bounce back in their upcoming clash against ASU.

Utes win with a pig farmer

The Utes secure a significant victory over USC, led by Bryson Barnes, a former pig farmer turned quarterback. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott share their thoughts on the game and shift their focus to an upcoming major matchup as the Oregon Ducks visit town.

Utes find their running game

In this episode, we discuss Utah's impressive victory over Cal, highlighted by Vaki's outstanding performance on the field. Barnes's starting role and the Utes' upcoming clash with USC this Saturday are also in focus.

Utes look to gain confidence

The Utes are coming off a bye week, and the CAL Golden Bears may just be what the Utes need to gain confidence in an offense that is only averaging 19 points a game. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott discuss free trucks and the status of Cam Rising's knee injury. The guys are joined by Rob and Andy from The California Golden Bearcast to get their insider info on the Golden Bears