Football Schedule and Players Demands

Cameron and Scott breakdown Utah's new 2020 football schedule and offer their insights on the recently published list of demands by the PAC-12 players.

Interview with Pick Six Previews

The guys are joined by Brett Ciancia from Pick Six Previews to breakdown his thoughts on the 2020 Utes. They go over the metrics in his preseason book as well as few players that he has his eyes on. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott discuss the PAC-12 only season and what stadiums might look like once kickoff gets here.


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Out of conference games - Mini Episode

The PAC-12 announced that fall sports would not include out of conference games. Utah will have to drop their games against BYU, Montana State, and Wyoming. The uproar on social media has cause sparked several conversations on what this legal means to the University. Cameron offers his thoughts on the news and is joined by our in house legal counsel Roger to get his opinion on how the Utah is protected and goes into the details of the contract.

Scalley investigation

The investigation looking at the racist word sent in a text from Coach Morgan Scalley, has been released. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott offer their reactions and thoughts from what was said at the press conference, what is included in the investigation, and the punishment handed down to Scalley. The guys talk about program moving forward as well as recruiting now that this will follow Scalley around.

Morgan Scalley Investigative Report

Utes and the 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL is coming up fast and several Utes are going to hear their names being called. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott talk all about who has a great change to move up in the draft and give their predicitions on just how many Utes get drafted.
They also talk about the recent news with 4 star QB Peter Costelli committing to Utah and transfer Devin Kaufusi.

Utah Basketball Recap

The basketball season has come and gone. The guys are talking all things Runnin' Utes. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott go into some of the highs and lows of the seasons including what they think of Larry Krystkowiak and how he is performing as the head coach. They also look ahead to the signing class that will be joining the program after the summer.

The end the epsiode talking a little college football as the Utes were only able to finish one week of spring football. The talk about the most inportant aspect as how it impacts Utah.