Rivalry Thoughts

Photo by The Salt Lake Tribune
Written by Cy Miyake

The Oline was not good at runblocking. They provided little more space for Huntley this week but mostly he got out of the pocket with his legs.  This is mostly because byu has a better d line then North Dakota but the run blocking left some room for more.

Filipo Mokofisi possibly had his best game as a Ute from what I've seen. He had a sack and interception that Lotulelei gave him on a silver platter.  Kylie Fitts was his typical dominant self and tipped the ball that Jaylon Johnson picked off.  Lowell Lotulelei had a typical game in which he ate up blocks and made plays for others and was stout as usual at stopping the run game.  The Dline manhandled byu's smaller line and seemed to be more aggressive on defense with corner and safety blitzes.  Made life hell for Tanner in the pocket which led to bad throws off his back foot and it definitely helped out the secondary.  No one really got burned by a big passing play.  Jaylon Johnson came up big when his number was called with a PBU and an interception. He showed great awareness and he looks like a Sophomore or even a Junior out there.  Also keep in mind Tauteoli didn't play much of the game because of the targeting call.

Tyler Huntley put the offense on his back. The running game was mostly him running the option and he was putting on a clinic with some throws.  Can't remember a qb at Utah who could throw on the run as effective and effortlessly as he did countless times. He had a beautiful throw on a deep shot to Siaosi Wilson (my boy) as he got drilled.  I still would like to see Singleton get more targets. He might be banged up and may be out there as a decoy but that's my theory since he had some sort of injury during fall camp.  Still the redzone issues were apparent not a lot of different plays or formations just trying to run it in the end zone as well as the 4th and 1 run out of shotgun. Kalani knew what they would do, so byu stuffed the box and got rewarded.  The screens were not effective and holding penalties could kill this team on offense against good Pac 12 teams if not careful.

Tyler Huntley was the right man for the starting quarterback job and he put away any doubts that might not have been ready. With further development under Taylor, Huntley has the foundations to be a household name not just in the state but around the nation.

Mitch Wishnowsky is such a weapon he was able to trip up Trinamen on the kickoff I guarantee Johnston or Hicken would've either given up or got burned on that play and Wishnowsky did enough to bring him down and saved a touchdown.  I don't trust Kyle Fulks at all in the return game. Having a returner who can cough it up and on your 10 yard line is so risky it can kill a game's momentum.   Kick return game didn't do anything at all.

Can we please call Matt Gay "AutoMatty?"

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